The Emperardor Chair
The Emperardor Chair
The Emperardor Chair
The Emperardor Chair

The Emperardor Chair

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This stylish vintage chair is grand yet simple. It has a sturdy and thick wooden frame and woven cotton chair top. While it has a rustic feel, this stool is made to sit comfortably owing to the generously cushioned seat. Lounge comfortably in your bedroom or living room while enjoying the beautiful artwork on it. Adorned with the geometric monochromatic pattern with hidden horses in black and white, this stool is a stunning home decor piece.

Made with premium wood to ensure durability, this sofa chair reflects the ideals of decoration, practicality and cutting excess.

SHIPPING INFO:  Dispatched in a maximum of 20 days

COLOR: Orange & Red

MEASUREMENT: 24x19.5x37″

MATERIAL: Wood & woven Cotton

CARE: Dry clean

NOTE:  This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colors may differ slightly

All products are Made in India with locally sourced materials. Everything is handmade by skilled artisans, keeping local trade and talent alive. Our philosophy is to be kind to the environment, hence we plant thousands of trees per year and support no animal cruelty. In essence we make sustainable & eco-friendly products which will last through generations.


Supreme Quality
100% Genuine
 Hand Crafted

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