Spire collection jar XLA (Yellow) - Lavanya
Spire collection jar XLA (Yellow) - Lavanya

Spire collection jar XLA (Yellow)

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Inspired from the finials on top of temples and mosques, the Spire Collection of jars fit in both classic and contemporary settings. The lids crafted from spun copper sheet and lost wax cast brass. High quality metal finishes ensure that the Spire Collection is at home in humid and dry environments, carefully storing dry foods, toiletries or precious ornaments. Lathe turned stone bases are in four shapes using yellow Jaisalmer stone, white marble and black marble. Place these conversational objects indivudually or in clusters to evoke the past while keeping close to the heart, the treasures of today. Available in 4 shapes and 3 colours.   

Material / Fabric
Marble / Copper/Brass cast

COP - 015/BR - 005/Polished Marble

Size( product dimension) in MM (L x W x H)
125 x 125 x 175

Product size after packing MM (L x W x H)
180 X 180 X 200

Care Instructions
To clean, use a soft damp cloth./Avoid abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the original smooth finish.

Delivery Time
10-12 Days

Each product is a work of art. Finish variations and slight differences are part of the artisanal nature of this product hence should not be considered as a defect.
This is a handcrafted product and its tiny imperfections are what makes it special. Because it is handcrafted, there has never been and will never again be another piece exactly like the one you are holding now.

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