Jia Vase Br-M - Lavanya
Jia Vase Br-M - Lavanya
Jia Vase Br-M - Lavanya
Jia Vase Br-M - Lavanya
Jia Vase Br-M - Lavanya

Jia Vase Br-M

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"""The cymbal-shaped ‘Jia’ range of spunbrass products are an ode to the ‘Jia Brass Band’, one of Jaipur’s most popular wedding bands.

Jia Candle Stands make perfect gifts to celebrate bringing families together for a wedding in a musical metaphor of shining light.

The reversible Jia Vases are an exuberant base for any bouquet of flowers.

The Jia Hurricane Lamp fills a room, a patio or a garden with outstanding presence as if it were the sound of cymbals!"""

SHIPPING INFO: Dispatched in a maximum of 12 Days.


DIMENSIONS: 150 x 150 x 210

WEIGHT: 0.53kg


CARE: To clean, use a soft damp cloth./Avoid abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the original smooth finish.

Each product is a work of art. Finish variations and slight differences are part of the artisanal nature of this product hence should not be considered as a defect.

This is a handcrafted product and its tiny imperfections are what makes it special. Because it is handcrafted, there has never been and will never again be another piece exactly like the one you are holding now.


Supreme Quality
100% Genuine
 Hand Crafted

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