Eliseo Garden Rack
Eliseo Garden Rack - Lavanya

Eliseo Garden Rack

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this three-layered shelf is a handy and  decorative open structure that can be used  across gardens, semi-outdoor spaces such  as a balcony, or even in a children’s room  to harbour a variety of objects from potted  plants and small statues to books, toys, frames and whatever else you may imagine.

Shipping Info: Dispatch in a maximum of 7days

Material : Pine Wood

Color/Print: Paper (more print options available)

Weight: 8.650kg

Measurements:  Length 27.00 Width 13.50 Height 31.75 inch

Care Instructions: A feather duster or soft cloth brushed over the entire wood piece removes a majority of the dust. In the carved areas, brush several times with the feather duster. Push a corner of a soft cloth into crevices, if necessary, to remove remaining dust.


Supreme Quality
100% Genuine
 Hand Crafted

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