Chand Minar Vase L - Lavanya
Chand Minar Vase L - Lavanya

Chand Minar Vase L

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This range acknowledges the beauty and grace of Chand Minar (Tower of the Moon). Located in Daulatabad, it is one of the finest specimens of Indo-Islamic architecture in Southern India. Handcrafted in fine borosilicate glass, the Vases double up as Bowls and are layered with real gold rings reminiscent of it's spectacular brackets and the balconies. Stackablility of the elegant shapes is an ode to the 30 foot height of the spectacular minar. Bring in a sense of royalty with the Chand Minar Bowls and Vases.

SHIPPING INFO: Dispatched in a maximum of 8 Days.

MATERIAL: Borosilicate

FINISH: Natural

SIZE (product dimension) in MM (L x W x H): 175 x 175 x 305

CARE: Rinse with clean water either by dipping the glass object into a bowl of lukewarm water or by wiping with a damp swab, Avoid knives, sharp kitchen tools, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the original smooth finish.

Each product is a work of art. Finish variations and slight differences are part of the artisanal nature of this product hence should not be considered as a defect.
This is a handcrafted product and its tiny imperfections are what makes it special. Because it is handcrafted, there has never been and will never again be another piece exactly like the one you are holding now.


Supreme Quality
100% Genuine
 Hand Crafted

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