Cassini Desk Caddy 9"x9" - Lavanya
Cassini Desk Caddy 9"x9" - Lavanya

Cassini Desk Caddy 9"x9"

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As the greatest of Interplanetary explorers headed to a fiery death on Saturn ending a 20 yr journey of Discovery, so was born the Cassini Range of Organisers, Coasters, Desk Caddy. With patterns finely crafted in Taarkashi brass wire inlay work on wood, the designs pay homage to the wonders discovered by the sophisticated Spy Robot named after the great 17 th century astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini. Themes vary from Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, Discovery of plumes from surface of the moon Enceladus, to Intergalactic wonders! Explore possibilities of organising your Desk Space with the futuristic Cassini Desk organisers, caddies, coasters clustered to manage documents, stationary, cards et all!

SHIPPING INFO: Dispatched in a maximum of 8 Days.

MATERIAL: Shisham wood

FINISH: Natural

SIZE (product dimension) in MM (L x W x H): 130 x 130 x 85

Each product is a work of art. Finish variations and slight differences are part of the artisanal nature of this product hence should not be considered as a defect.
This is a handcrafted product and its tiny imperfections are what makes it special. Because it is handcrafted, there has never been and will never again be another piece exactly like the one you are holding now.


Supreme Quality
100% Genuine
 Hand Crafted

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