Carlson Bar Trunk

Carlson Bar Trunk

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Perched on a cross-legged stand this intriguing and attractive bar never fails to elicit sharp intakes of breath when the lid is opened. The inside is a smart and intelligently compartmentalised treasure trove with every aspect of storage and display thought through. No wonder this piece is like the high point of Saaj Craft engineering! 

Measurements:  L -27.00" W - 19.00"H -21.50"

 Weight: 25.200 kg

Material :Pine Wood

Delivery in: 20 Days 

Care Instructions: A feather duster or soft cloth brushed over the entire wood piece removes a majority of the dust. In the carved areas, brush several times with the feather duster. Push a corner of a soft cloth into crevices, if necessary, to remove remaining dust.

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