BYAH Coffee Mug ( Set of 2 ) - Lavanya
BYAH Coffee Mug ( Set of 2 ) - Lavanya
BYAH Coffee Mug ( Set of 2 ) - Lavanya

BYAH - Fine bone china coffee mugs with 24-karat gold (Set of 2)

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Sturdy yet sleek fine bone china with 24-karat gold. In the Byah series, we have used Phad to show the extensive rituals of Indian wedding.  To narrate this anecdote, we have carefully selected black and gold, as the color black signifies mystery, while Gold signifies wisdom. Quite a lot like a marriage, which is a mysterious journey of finding each other, trying to know each other’s soul, making errors and eventually gaining wisdom in the form of eternal love.  

SHIPPING INFO: Dispatched in a maximum of 12 Days.

COLOR: Black & Gold

MEASUREMENT: 4'' x 4'x 4.5''

MATERIAL: Fine bone china, 74-karat gold Plated


CARE: Hand wash with mild detergent. Dry with soft cotton cloth. Use soft sponge, do not scrub. Not microwave & dishwasher safe, it is 76k gold. 


Supreme Quality
100% Genuine
 Hand Crafted