Seven Dazzling Jewellery Designs That Remain A Timeless Beauty

Certain jewellery designs always remain in fashion. As the popular saying goes that, every piece of jewellery has a story behind it. Jewellery does not only have the potential to enhance the look of any piece of clothing but also gives you the charm to feel special. Some classic designs can be worn on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. this stylish jewellery adds a shine and perennial addition to your jewellery boxes. We list below 7 most popular ladies jewellery online designs that continue to capture the attention of customers. 

  1. The simple chain necklace - A long station chain necklace is perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. They not only look elegant and refined but can also be used statement jewellery.
  2. Pearl studs - Pearls have been used to create some breath-taking jewellery designs in recent years. The classic pearl strand bracelets or the single pearl drop neckpieces and ear studs continue to be a major hit all through the year.
  3. The iconic diamond solitaire - Diamond solitaire studs or a beautiful round diamond necklace continues to dazzle customers. The classic minimalism, combined with the elegance and richness, makes it a top choice for women. 
  4. Choker - This close-fitting necklace can be made in a variety of materials such as gold, silver, platinum beads, metals or even leather. They can be adorned in many different ways such as with sequins, studs or pendant. Chokers made in gold are hard silhouettes that make a bold fashion statement. Chokers are a flattering and versatile piece of jewellery that can look good with just about any outfit. You can pair your choker with longer pendants and style to match with different costumes.
  5. Jhumkas - These are classic types of earrings that have been worn by women for hundreds of years. Jhumkas can be cone-shaped, round or in church bell shape. Jhumkas are a jewellery ornament that is never going to go out of fashion. This timeless jewellery is unique and inquisitive amongst the many Indian jewellery options. Jhumkas have been a popular choice because it exudes feminine charm and grace to the wearer.
  6. Matha Patti - An extended version of the maangtika, the matha Patti is worn along the hairline. At one point, it was a traditional jewellery ornament, but nowadays, it has become more of a fashion statement. It is usually more suitable to be worn on a broader forehead because it might cover up your entire forehead. This hair ornament can instantly rev up your look. Mathapattis can be made of gold, silver, Kundan, gemstones, crystal or diamond.
  7. Brooch - A brooch is a decorative jewellery adornment designed to be attached to outfits. It can either fix an outfit or just elevate its beauty—brooches are usually made of silver or gold metals but can also be made of other materials. 

Well, its time you own one or all of these above-mentioned jewellery online designs to give your jewellery box a complete look. The next time you drape your favourite saree or wear a salwar kameez, you will not need to think of what jewellery to wear!