Incredible Blue Sarees To Sport An Easy Festive Look

Saree is a staple of all-time fashion, and we have all draped it in different designs and types. The Saree has gained tremendous popularity across the globe over the centuries. In India, wherever we go, we find women, according to their convenience, sporting various types of designer sarees. The saree remains the indisputable garb of millions, whether it's the floral printed type or the thick embroidered type. This flexible attire, only because of its universal appeal, has captured a million hearts.

 We all are sure that this festive season could be the time of your life to try different types of sarees on all nine days. Having a colour theme for the saree marathon for nine days will make dressing up even more fun. So, here are some of the shared fashion ideas to wear different types of blue sarees for this Dussehra. 

Blue Gota Sarees 

Gota sarees are renowned for their large, intricate borders. For a beautifully striking appeal, a special kind of lace border is added to the edges of the saree. These sarees are extensively worn for all occasions. It carries a gaze, and contemporary women love to adorn these sarees. For sparkling appearance, pair these sarees with Indian choker. 

Blue half and half sarees 

Half and half reveal the flair of a lehenga and the lustrous look of a half and a half sarees. These sarees are trending recently, and you can find it in designer sarees online shopping section.  

The Classic blue cotton sarees 

No matter how much the lustre of silk and satin dazzles, the simplicity and beauty of it produce nothing. What makes cotton saree the most versatile of all is the crisp, clean and fresh pleats draped with military precision. 

Blue Matka sarees 

The Matka silk is an authentic saree from West Bengal's Murshidabad district. As silk fibres are still covered with a gum called "sericin," the Matka silk is woven from the genuine Mulberry silk cocoon. For intricately woven blue embroidery and artistic work, the rough texture of the silk makes it perfect. Matka silk is comfortable, and a must-have in your closet. 

Blue Embroidered Net Sarees 

The exceptional contribution of the net blue saree and the elegance of embroidery done on the blue saree, just like the cherry on the top, cannot be overlooked. There are various variations also in the net blue colour saree, to buy from the online store from the very best of styles all you have to do buy. Complete your appearance by partnering on accessories. 

Blue heavy bordered Banarasi Saree 

The Banarasi saree is a traditional Varanasi or Banaras. What makes it the most majestic of all sarees is its opulent gold or silver brocade work. Typically, it's woven in thick silk fabric and often even in cotton. In the weaving of a Banarasi saree, a lot of hard work goes into making it the perfect piece of incredible work. 

Plain Blue Georgette Sarees 

If there is a last-minute announcement of a maha pooja or a last-minute celebration schedule, then the plain blue saree can never be incorrect. One of the reasons why you would love to wear this blue saree from dawn to dusk is the intense lightweight. You find different shades of blue georgette sarees online, and you can get them easily by online saree shopping