How To Style Casual And Formal Tunic Tops?

Of all the tops women wear, their favourite might be tunics. The hip-length dress or shirts that can match different bottom styles are tunics. Such shirts are almost universally flattering; a couple well with other wardrobe staples and are suitable for most occasions and environments. It will go well with jeans, leggings, skirts, etc. It can be considered both casual and formal. If you are looking to create a stylish outfit, the best option for you is the tunic. 

Styling in tunic tops or dresses will never let you down, whether it be a casual or dinner date. With slim-fit jeans, leggings, skirts, and so on, you can style your tunic tops. But do not wear it with a flare or baggy pants. With a tunic, it is possible to add an elegant belt for a more feminine look. You can easily get tunics for women online

Here are a few ways to style your tunics: 

Tunic with Denim jacket 

Spicing up a denim jacket with your tunic is a fabulous dress for your casual day in the summer. Today, women want to look trendy, and what's more than going for the chic vibe with denim. Wear some heels and accessories, and you are all set to go. Besides, you can also wear a black leather jacket or a long blazer with a tunic shirt for that winter look.   

Wear tunic tops with leggings 

If there's nothing like the bottom you have to wear, then go for leggings. The most comfortable outfit any woman could have. For a sophisticated look, select a printed tunic with simple black leggings. 

Tunic Pair with Jeans

Now for both casual and workwear, this is one of the preferred styles. Choose any tunic dress from your designer and pair it with slim-fit jeans for a casual get-together. Besides, you can also choose a Kurti embroidery tunic from Lavanya and pair it with jeans to flaunt at parties. 

Match Tunics with Shorts

Whether it is a short or long tunic top, you get a cool look when combined with shorts. Since they are so fashionable among young girls, you can tuck your top in shorts with a cross bag and sneaker to complete the look. 

Use a belt

Adding a black belt with a tunic dress will establish a distinctive look. It helps to describe your waistline and gives you the right shape.   

You need to keep in mind a few things when you are buying a tunic

Choose a tunic that will balance your figure. Bodies for women come in all shapes and sizes. When shopping for clothing, buy tunics that complement your distinctive body shape by showcasing your best features. You can easily get the best ladies tunics online.  

  • Buy a tunic that accentuates the waist. Look for tunics that highlight or create the illusion of curves instead of wearing boxy tunics covering your body.
Pick a tunic that fits your height. Women with small and tall frames frequently struggle to find tops, bottoms, and dresses that match their bodies well. It can be challenging for petite and tall people to find a tunic that suits them well.