Essential Bags That Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe

Bags and women go hand in hand. Bags have never been enough for women. Bags not only help us carry our stuff but also complement our look. There is a huge variety of handbags and purses, which can often confuse you. Then there are a few essential handbags, listed below that every woman must have in her wardrobe. 

  1. Backpack - A backpack is a large cloth sack that is worn at the back with the help of two straps that are secured in the bag. There can be variations in the design and style of a backpack. These are not only used by students or hikers but also by office going women to use as large handbags to keep their laptops and other essential items in.
  2. Clutch - A clutch is a small purse that is available in different shapes, colours, designs and patterns. It is used to carry money and other small items. It does not have large straps or a handle, but it has a detachable chain strap. Some designer wear clutches are seen sported by celebrities on red carpets and mega international events. Clutches make a bold fashion statement. Women of all ages can use clutches. 
  3. Tote - A tote is a big handbag that is either made of robust cloth-like jute or other fabrics. They are also made with thick leather, having parallel handles that sprout from the sides of the bag. These are usually used as shopping bags to store a large number of items. Totes are also used as travelling bags or office bags as they are able to store many items in it. Almost every woman must have owned a tote at some point in her life. There are different types of totes available in the market.
  4. Sling bag - A sling bag is a small and compact bag that has a long handle emerging from its sides. It is best for everyday use and especially for women who ride 2-wheelers. Slings are made from diverse materials, but canvas and leather are the most popular ones. This can be worn across the body or can be carried as a small bag if the straps are removable. The straps of sling bags can be made of leather or chains. Sling bags can be used on any occasion. Although they look small, they have enough space to store all your essential items. Due to its versatility, they are a hot choice among women.          

Bags are a necessary accessory for women. Sometimes even if you do not have anything to store in the bag, you carry it just to elevate your overall look. Not all of us may be fond of having too many bags in our wardrobe, but the above-mentioned bags are an absolute must for every woman. So quickly hurry up and Buy bags online so that you do not have to think much before grabbing one, to store your things. The huge number of online bag stores will give you easy access to the latest bags online.