Eight Must-have Casual Footwears For Women

When it comes to shoes, women have a variety of options to choose from. The wide variety of styles on women's footwear can leave you perplexed. There is certain women's footwear that goes well along with particular outfits and situations. We list below the different types of women's casual shoes. 

Wedges - These are easy to carry and enhance the appearance of your outfit. Very comfortable to wear daily, wedges are great casual shoes for women. 

Ballerinas - This pretty, flat, very comfortable and easy-to-wear footwear, make suitable everyday footwear. Every woman must have a ballerina in her wardrobe. They are available in different prints, colours and patterns. 

Lace-Ups - This term is used for any footwear that fastens with laces. They may include sportswear, sneakers, brogues, loafers, heels, ballerina pumps etc. Lace-up shoes are more robust and durable, offer your feet some additional support, and provide a fastening that can be adjusted according to your comfort level.

Canvas Shoes - Women's canvas shoes are incredibly lightweight and offer a sportier look. They are comfortable and available in many designs and patterns to suit practically any outfit. Canvas shoes, when teamed with a t-shirt and pair of jeans, looks simple, chic, and smart. 

Flip Flops - usually worn in summers, flip-flops are great to be worn at the beach or poolside. Women flip-flops usually have a foam sole, with plastic toe support at the centre. The ones made of leather are more durable. Very basic style flip-flops will have simple plastic straps, although you can get flip-flops with leather straps and finished with stones to add extra sparkle to your outfit. Flip-flops are incredibly versatile and available in a wide range of patterns and colours, making it easy for you to match them with any outfit. 

Loafers - these easy to slip on shoes, without laces or fastenings, offers a classic style. It especially makes your office wear or daytime outfit look glamorous and stylish. 

Gladiator sandals - Open-toed strappy, T-bar sandal, and gladiators make a great choice for ladies footwear online shopping for women's casual wear shoes. This type of footwear resembles the style of the footwear of the roman gladiators of ancient times. You can team a pair of gladiator sandals with a long gown or maxi dress for a more Grecian look. Gladiator sandals with heels have seen resurgence lately easily on the catwalk and fashion street. A heeled strappy sandal complements office wear or tailored trousers. 

Trainers - The name itself indicates that these shoes are designed to be used while training. This can be worn at the gym or while doing yoga, Pilates. These shoes are very comfortable and support your feet while exercising. Before you buy thee, make sure to put it on and check its comfort level. It is essential to wear shoes that offer your feet the perfect support and cushioning. Trainers also render support to your knees, legs, and hips. 

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