5 Awesome Ways to Style A Saree To Workplace

Saree styling is different for your office. It is a lot more than you would expect. Although playing at a wedding or a family event is so enjoyable, saree requires a new level to carry off as formal wear. The saree you wear should look elegant, highly relaxed, and talk your attitude effortlessly at your professional location. If you can put all of these together, then you can ace the formal saree look. 

You can easily buy designer sarees online that would be perfect for regular office. No matter what type of saree you choose, the way you style it, the accessories and hairstyle also count. Apart from these, here are few ways you can style a saree to the office. 

Style saree with an office jacket

Wearing a saree along with a jacket has been around for so long, but this style is still fashionable and will not leave sooner. This is the ideal outfit that you can make every day with a fresh look. Jackets are provided in various types and designs. The jacket has a lot of options, which you can easily drop on your saree. 

Wear a shirt for A Saree

Another similar choice for wearing sarees is with a formal shirt instead of a blouse. 

Drape saree with your favourite Jeans

We all know that jeans are a very comfortable and trendy outfit when it comes to jeans. These kinds of styles are usually for those who don't want to wear a petticoat and don't know how to wear a petticoat with a saree. It takes a minute for this style to get ready and look gorgeous. Wearing this these days is fashionable, yet still elegant. This is just another way to make your saree add some bling and charm. This is a very comfortable style for carrying and looking flamboyant, though. 

Drape your saree for office wear with formal Blazers

We all recognize that the blazer is traditionally worn in offices and specific meetings. You get most of the office look with an impressive touch of Indian heritage by matching your saree from Lavanya with a blazer. To make a distinctive look out of it, combine it with some twist of blazer and saree. This style is a combination of western and Indian wear and is very comfortable for your office wear and perfectly suitable. Also, to change the look and make it more captivating, add some accessories.  

Kurti style with saree

Kurti is the first thing in everybody's mind when it comes to Indian wear. And it's effortless to wear, easy to wash, and comfortable to hold. We have both every day Kurti and heavy designer Kurti as well. The best choice, to wear sarees with a Kurti since Kurti is trendy and very comfortable. This style is for people who love to play with their appearance. A-line Kurtis is one of the most versatile women's outfits, and there is currently an immense range of Kurti in their wardrobe. Wearing Kurtis with a saree is undoubtedly highlighted in an elegant look by your style choice.  

These days, with the advancement of technology, you can easily get the best designer sarees online and get it delivered to your house.